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Is IPv4 address lease the solution to your business’ shortage?

As the RIPE NCC ran out of unique IPv4 addresses to allocate, a new trade market emerged allowing parties with surplus address blocks to sell them for great profit. IPv4 addresses had become a commodity, and a profitable one at that. Simply due to its shortage, businesses and networking specialists alike tried to either obtain or sell their share of IPv4 addresses against attractive rates. 

With the emergence of this new market, the brokerage of IPv4 addresses emerged with it. Specialized parties operated as mediators, supporting buyers and sellers in achieving what they were after. These brokers often stood at the basis of RIR rules and regulations which allowed them to fill the knowledge gaps that sellers and buyers lacked. The complex process of transferring IPv4 addresses moreover requires solid understanding of law, regulations, ownership and more. However, there’s a new way of obtaining IPv4 addresses that may suit both parties looking to acquire IPv4 addresses and parties looking to give them up: IPv4 lease

Why lease IPv4 address blocks?

There are quite a few advantages of leasing IPv4 addresses. For example, you don’t have to go through the process of transferring ownership – which generally takes quite a while. Instead, you can already access your leased address blocks after just 24 hours. In addition, leasing IPv4 addresses is cost-efficient when you plan on transferring your networking to the version 6 internet protocol. Leasing thus allows you to bridge this gap without any obligation of selling your address blocks when they’re no longer in use. 

Your partner in IPv4 address lease 

Industry leader in facilitating the commercial transaction and transfer of IPv4 addresses Prefix Broker is currently operating in 75 countries. They have acquired over 25,000 members and know a history of 7,1 million transferred IP’s. This shows that prefix Broker is well able to help you navigate the complex process of IPv4 lease. 

A specialized broker guides the process of leasing IPv4 addresses start to finish and handles all details in a professional, transparent and proper manner. Next to that, they are able to provide guidance in negotiations on price, timing, governing law and currency as well as assist in obtaining approval for transfers by the RIR.