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5 Dutch Foods to Try in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, besides being a wonderful city full of attractions and landmarks, is also famous for its delicious food. While you are visiting this beautiful city, don’t forget to excite your taste buds with these 5 Dutch foods. By eating these, you will enjoy your trip more.


Bitterballen are tasty meatballs, having a crispy layer and deep fried in oil. The bitterballen is served with mustard for dipping. These meatballs are the ultimate Dutch pub snacks and can be found at most of the cafes and restaurants in Amsterdam. With the passage of time, there are other flavors available as well. However, the traditional bitterballen have no match.

Thick Dutch Fries

When it comes to food items, nothing beats the fries of Amsterdam. Amsterdam is famous for many reasons and one of those reasons are the fries. There are many different varieties of fries available in Amsterdam. From street markets to bakeries and restaurants, you can find fries everywhere. The Thick Dutch Fries are served in a piping hot paper cone with some delicious and finger-licking toppings. To get the best taste, ask for a dollop peanut satay sauce with mayo and finely chopped onions.


Kibbeling is for those who are not comfortable with raw fish. Kibbeling is basically battered and deep fried pieces of white fish, mostly cods. They are served with herb sauce in mayonnaise and lemon. In order to get a taste, you should try it from a food truck or a street market. It gives the best taste when it is hot. You will not find such delicious fish elsewhere.


Cheese is one of the specialties in Netherlands. If you visit Amsterdam, it should be one of your top priorities to visit cheese shops or markets to taste some Massdammer, Geitenkaas, or Gouda. If you want to get yourself introduced to some of the most popular and traditional Dutch cheeses, you should definitely give a visit to the Cheese Museum or any of the Henri Willig Cheese and More shops.

Ginger Cake

The ginger cake in Amsterdam, named as Ontbijtkoek, is one of the finest cakes you will ever taste. This cake is baked in shape of a loaf. The cake is so heavy to digest which is why only one slice is enough. The literal meaning of the name of this cake is Breakfast Cake. It is usually eaten for breakfast. While eating, don’t forget to spread some thick butter to enhance its taste.

These are 5 dishes that you must try in Amsterdam. In order to try these all, make sure you are staying in a hotel for a couple of days so that you can eat them all while enjoying the beauty of the city. There are many hotels in Amsterdam that you can choose from, and wone of the hotels has a scandinavian restaurant on the very first floor. More information about an budget hotel in Amsterdam